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We provide solution for the central dish antenna system for the villas (DTH) and high rise towers IF system in which each tenant of the flat can tune his receiver on the building dish system. So there is no need of separate dish for each tenant all the channels are available in the central dish system. We are providing a/m cost effective solutions at your door step.

Our client range varies from Govt. to private high rise buildings and DTH clients. Our engineers are capable and well conversant with Televes , Ikusi, Alcad, Blusens , Wisi and Spaun products and dome antenna for the ships. We have successfully done many projects all over UAE.


In this RF System we provide TV Channels to the guest rooms. The channels are directly tuned on the guest room TV. We using digital channels system for better quality of the TV Channels. Supported by a team of highly qualified engineers, specialized in a number of areas, EMC TECH networking team is able to assist your organization in planning and deploying technologies that will maximize your IT infrastructure.

No matter how large your infrastructure requirements are you can be assured that we have the right level of experience

. We have a state of the art in-house laboratory within our offices which is accessible by our network engineers on a 24 hour basis. The lab is used to simulate customer networks as well as trouble shoot


We provide IPTV Solution for the hotels for best quality of the TV channels. In the IPTV system the cat6 cabling is used through the network switches.

The existing structure cabling network can be used for the IPTV System This system has many features like hotel interactive system, internet, and video on demand hotel billing system. The picture quality of the TV channels is the key advantage of this system.

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